Box Road Update - May 2015

Following the remaining works on Coach Central and adjustment to entrance and exit lanes of Yellow Beech Multi-Storey Car Park, the final phase of the Box Road alterations will complete on Friday 22nd May 2015.

These final changes will allow for Coach Central to fully operate as a two way, shared use road linking between St Quentin Gate and Woodhouse Central. In addition, due to the changes leading to Woodhouse Central, it has been necessary to change the entry and exit routes onto Yellow Beech.

Due to the necessary changes to work in line with the new road system, the entrance and exit routes for Yellow Beech have changed direction. This will mean visitors using the car park will now access via the left side rather than right as before. 

Amberon team members will be located on the access sections of Yellow Beech for the initial few days to assist drivers during its early use for safety purposes alongside the installation of signage and new road markings indicating the correct direction.

It is advised that users use extra due care and attention during the transition period to allow for adjustment to the new road layout.