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161 Wrekin Square
01952 200765

Self-appointed cosmetics grocer, Lush, owes its inspiration far more to a food retailer than your average clinical beauty counter - think hand-made, natural and fresh produce, butcher's blocks, prices by weight, greaseproof paper wrapping and sell-by dates. Creators of fresh handmade cosmetics, each Lush product is packed with fresh produce, the finest essential oils, flower essences and plant based ingredients. Not only that, but they contain minimal amounts of synthetics, and packaging is kept to a minimum. Some of the companies best selling product ranges include bath ballistics, frozen shower gels, fresh face and body masks served from chilled counters and solid shampoos.

Forthcoming Events

July 24 2017 - August 29 2017
Join Lush for their summer holiday workshops.
August 22 - 27 2017
Bounce, bump and spin! Take a ride* in the spin zone between 21st - 27th August, loocated in Sherwood Square. *Admission fees will apply to use the Bumper Carz 
August 26 - 28 2017
This month sees the Telford Time Machine turn 21, and to celebrate the centre has teamed with Costa to provide free treats for visitors to the centre this Bank Holiday weekend.
September 8 - 9 2017
Are you looking for work? The Job Box team will be offering advice and support to help you get a new job.