Tan it up tips - whatever the weather

beach and colourful spades

The summer is here and sadly with the typical British weather, topping up that tan might seem impossible. So why not avoid those harmful UV rays or sunbeds and top up that tan for that summer feeling with our self tan - top tip guide!

The Prep

Preparing the skin is a crucial part of self tanning that many forget or simply miss out to save time but is one of the key steps to a streak free, long lasting tan.

Exfoliation is something that can really benefit your skin any time of the year. A good body scrub can help remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and help make skin look and feel brighter, smoother and healthier. When you use a good body scrub or scrub mitt before applying self tan lotion it can help create a much better application and help prevent unwanted streaks or darker patches. Exfoliation is also great for your feet which can also be a key spot for problem tan spots.

Once complete, use moisturiser to further prepare the skin for self tan application. A good moisturiser can allow the lotion to apply evenly on the skin and give your skin a boost helping the tan last longer.

The Tan

Tanning lotions can be aimed at different strengths to help better suit your skintone. Always choose the colour that reflects your existing skin tone. Applying very dark lotions to very pale skin will not create the shortcut to a deep tan but may instead create uneven colour change over your body and contrast significantly to face etc. Remember, it is much easier to build a tan with the right lotion than to remove one that may be too dark.

There are different tan options including lotions, sprays and gels to choose from so select the one that best suits you and your budget. Remember the tan will need to be topped up once you have reached the colour your desire with extra applications ever 2-3 days to maintain the colour. Do not use a body tan product on your face. Other products or bronzing powders are available to suit more sensitive skin like your face and can even include SPF to help product your skin while out in the sun showing off your tan!


Now you have your tan but don't forget to top up every 2-3 days to maintain the level of colour you desire. When enjoying the sun remember to wear sun tan lotion to protect your skin and apply regularly through the day as protection usually last a few hours per application. Continue to use your moisturiser between applications daily to keep skin looking and feeling great. Why not even consider a lotion with added shimmer to make that skin sparkle day or night!

With many products available check out our image gallery below for some of our top picks or speak to our many beauty specialists who can advise you on the best colour/products to suit your needs.